We can help to maximise your returns on superannuation contributions
by implementing different strategies tailored to your current working life.

What do you imagine
your life to look like
when you retire?

We can provide you with expert advice that helps you to choose an appropriate superannuation fund to reflect your end goal and needs. We can help to maximise your returns on superannuation contributions by implementing different strategies tailored to your current working life. Retirement should be carefree and enjoyable and if you’re at that point, we can help to advise you on how to save and how to work your cashflow.

Whether you are starting out in your career, going into retirement, or already retired, we will help you develop a strategy that suits your circumstances and maximises the benefits available to you. Below we have listed some FAQ’s about superannuation.

Why do you need super?

Super is compulsory for employees and has been introduced to help us to
take control of our retirement.

Advantages of Superannuation

Superannuation opens your money to the world of investment markets and you can choose how it is invested. Money in super is taxed in different ways to your other investments. It’s designed to reward you for investing for the long term. Your insurance premiums, which are part of your super contributions, may be paid from your pre-tax salary, which is a tax-effective way to enjoy the protection you and your family need.

How does super work?

The most common type of super is an accumulation fund, which is like a managed fund or investment. The main difference is the advantageous tax management on contributions and earnings which your money experiences until you retire. If you have a lot of assets and have the time, you may want to consider a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to take control of your super.


Deposits into super are known as contributions. There are two types of contributions. They can be made from your:

  • pre-tax income (concessional contributions) and
  • post-tax income (non-concessional contributions).

Tax on non-concessional contributions (made from post-tax income) does not apply. However, there are caps on both these types of contributions which vary depending on your age. For more information, give us a call today!


  • Earnings in super are taxed at up to 15% (and only 10% on capital gains), which is lower than most people’s marginal tax rate. If you start a pension at retirement then the tax on earnings in super reduces to nil.
  • If you withdraw after age 60 your money is tax free.
  • You can withdraw your super balance (the benefit) when you reach your preservation age. This varies depending on your birth date. By 2025 everyone will have a preservation age of 60.
  • There are different tax treatments on lump sum payments depending on the size of the benefit and the age and service period of the member.
  • Money invested after July 1999 is fully preserved, which means it can’t be accessed until you reach your preservation age.

More Flexibility

  • Super is becoming more flexible with more strategies available to help you reach your retirement goals:
  • The government’s co-contribution scheme is designed to help low to middle income earners get more into their super.
  • Concessional contributions can be used to reduce your tax.
  • A transition to retirement strategy means you can still work full-time or part-time after your preservation age and still contribute to your super.
  • Self-managed super funds allow you to take even more control of your super.

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