At Rocket Wealth, our investment procedure starts with clarifying
your investment goals and time frames in discussion with you.

What’s important about money to you?

At Rocket Wealth, our investment procedure starts with clarifying your investment goals and time frames in discussion with you. Our goal-orientated approach helps to establish a comprehensive context upon which to base all investment decisions.

What is investing?

Investing is when you buy or put your money into something, with the hope it will grow in value or provide you with another source of income, which will typically happen over time, not overnight.

Where can you invest?

Some things you might look to invest your money in may include some of the investments below:

  • Cash investments
    If you put your money into cash investments (this includes things like savings accounts and term deposits), the returns will often be lower in comparison to other investments, however typically they will provide stable, low-risk income in the form of regular interest payments.
  • Shares and equities
    If you purchase shares in domestic or international companies, you’ll essentially be buying a piece of that company, making you a shareholder. If the shares in the company that you own grow in value, the value of your investment will also grow, and you may receive a portion of the company’s profits in the form of dividends.

    However, if the share price falls, the value of your investment will fall too. And, it’s also worth keeping in mind that you may not receive any dividends at all.

  • Property
    If you invest in property directly—whether it’s a piece of land or a building, residential or commercial—you’ll generally receive a rental income, while potentially building equity in the property at the same time. This may allow you to secure additional finance to achieve other goals. You may also wish to invest in property indirectly, which you could do through a property trust or some of the other investment vehicles mentioned below.

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Our Past Clients

“We are super impressed with the results we’ve had after working with Ben at Rocket Wealth Management. They added a level of personalisation & have simplified the process of wealth management for us. The work ethic, great communication & keen attention to what the customer needs individually set them aside from the others. The whole system has actually been a breeze to use. We’ll definitely be suggesting Rocket Wealth Management to our family & friends in the future.”

-T Logan & S Kinnard Para Hills SA



“We were unsure what we should do in our situation, we had a heap of questions and were unsure about what we should do. Rocket Wealth Management helped us, gave us great ideas that he hadn’t thought of and now feel so much better and more relaxed and happier about our situation and where we are heading.”

-S Hedges Vally View SA



“I very much appreciated the personalised advice and ongoing support given by Rocket Wealth Management”

-J Dawson Mawson Lakes SA


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